More than 40 years ago

Once upon a time, there was a ski training center at the high mountain in the middle of Taiwan. That was that starting point of GoFun Snow Academy. 


Photo Credit : 吳永義

Photo Credit : 吳永義

Photo Credit:吳永義

At that time, many young people joined the ski camp held by the Ski Association in Taiwan (now Chinese Taipei Ski Association). Even the national ski races were held at this only ski area in Taiwan. Although the ski site is no longer exist, many of those people who have the experiences on the mountain become the most important persons of ski industry in Taiwan.


Photo Credit:吳永義

Mr. Wen-Feng Cheng, the CEO of GoFun Snow Academy, was in charge of the snow camp in Taiwan for many years. Until now, Mr. Cheng still dedicate his life to promote ski sports & leisure. Instead of training ski racers, now he is focus on letting more people have a fun vacation on snow. Here are some mile stones which should give you more clear picture.


  • 1988 After the martial law in Taiwan was lifted in 1987, Mr. Cheng started to guide people skiing overseas, has been to many places in North America, such as Whistler, Banff, Alaska, etc,.
  • 2004 Started cooperating with CTSA for overseas ski leisure tours bound for Japan
  • 2004 Built tight relationship between GoFun, tourism department of government, ski resorts, Hotels, airlines
  • 2007 (Jan.) New brand of ski leisure tours "雪精靈" is established
  • 2007 (Dec.) Arranged Japan fam tour for media and travel agents
  • 2008 Started ski education program
  • 2008 (Jun.) Held the 1st annual ski photo & video contest
  • 2011 (Jan.) Started to use exclusive charter flight for ski tour
  • 2011 (Aug.) GoFun Travel Service Ltd. is established
  • 2013 (Sep.) Held Taiwan International Ski Expo.
  • 2014 (Nov.) GoFun Sports Ltd. is established
  • 2015 (Mar.) Held Shiga Kogen International Ski Festival in Japan
  • 2016 (Sep.) Started industry-academia cooperation program with National Taiwan University of Sport
  • 2017 (Sep.) GoFun Snow Academy is established

The most experienced instructors team in Taiwan

Being in the industry for decades, GoFun Snow Academy has the most experienced team in Taiwan. From 2018, GoFun Snow Academy adapted Canada's CSIA & CASI systems for more clear and precisely teaching in Skiing & Snowboarding. Not only we encourage our instructors to challenge CSIA/CASI certification, but also we arrange specific  training courses for instructors and those who wants to be an instructor in the near future.